With friends I experimented with old projectors and liquids. One day we got an important tip: In Schwabing a cellar which was full with kinetic light objects and oil disc projectors had to be cleared. We saved the best pieces before they arrived at the  the dump and had new inspirations. We found the right mixtures and dared to go on public - with the first big appearance in the "Feierwerk-Fest" in Munich 1995.
Theatre productions and light installations in an indoor swimming pool, on city parties, on house walls and a churchtower followed . We illuminated two times parties on the Berlin Love Parade, and the first big Rave after the war in the Dom Mladhi in Sarajewo
The masters became a one man project. It did shows with "Luca and The Groovy Band", a Psychedelic rock band. We arouse enthusiasm  - but the income hardly covered the travel expenses. In 1996 in Munich opened the "Kunstpark Ost", a party area in an old industrial complex. The operators of the KW, a huge club for House and Techno discovered and liked my visuals. I tuned up my projectors for this music and could catch up optically with 160 beats by minute.
The organizers of Goa trance parties prefered my visuals as  the perfect supplement for their decorations. I got into contact with the Munich electronic music scene. I performed my projections on illegal parties,and in different clubs in and around Munich (Registratur, Stereogarten, Woandersclub, Villa parties in Felden on Lake Chiemsee). Among the rest, the sublime art became part of events like  Zombocombo, DigitalAnalog, "Wasserburg leuchtet"and film releases.